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World Economic Forum 2016 Coverage (3)

World Economic Forum 2016 Coverage (3)

Roland Berger CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée

At the World Economic Forum in Davos 2016 Monica Jones from German International Broadcaster Deutsche Welle TV interviewed Roland Berger CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée on the potential impact of the fourth industrial revolution, labor markets across the world, the importance of China and his thoughts about a Brexit.

Bouée stated that Industry 4.0 is a great opportunity that'll change the way we live and work, as we see the emergence of artificial intelligence and jobs-on-demand. In his view we're just at the beginning of a long-term development here and a lot of investment in that area will be made in 2016. He believes Germany will profit from the new industrial revolution because "with our craftsmanship and our engineers we have everything we need to move from the machine-tool world to the new industrial world".

Nevertheless, the world is facing a lot of challenges, too: economically, socially and with regard to security issues. Charles-Edouard Bouée said the global influence of China's stock market and its macro-economic importance sometimes look a bit overrated to him, but that the country is of course a force we should take into account. With regard to the so-called Brexit, he's convinced that "It is in the interest of Great Britain and the rest of Europe to continue Europe the way it is," but there will be some interesting negotiations on "what it means for Great Britain to stay in Europe and what it means for Europe to have Great Britain included".

See video of interview on the Deutsche Welle TV website  

Jan 25, 2016

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