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Sharing the future – Perspectives on the Chinese car sharing market
Jun 11, 2014

Car sharing is a global trend, which is gaining importance in China as well as in emerging countries. Read more in our latest press release accompanying the study "Sharing the future"  >>

Corporate learning goes digital
Jun 2, 2014

E-learning in companies is on the advance, but the training tools have to fit the corporate culture and strategy. Read more in the latest press release on our study "Corporate learning goes digital"  >>

BRIC – Study on future automotive growth markets and implications for suppliers
May 30, 2014

The car industry must get ready for changing conditions in the BRIC countries: The Russian market is shrinking, growth in Brazil is slowing and India's development is uncertain. China is the only market that will grow substantially  >>

Russian Automotive Market Study 2014
May 12, 2014

Russia has not met the optimistic expectations of automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Read more in our latest press release on the study "Russia at the crossroads"  >>

Industry 4.0 – The new industrial revolution
Apr 3, 2014

"After automation, electrification and digitalization of industry, the introduction of the Internet of Things in the factory marks the advent of a fourth industrial revolution," says our Partner Max Blanchet: Learn more in our recent study  >>