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On the road toward the autonomous truck

Study, 2015

Our study focuses on self-driving technology in the truck industry. It also discusses the implications for the OEMs and suppliers …  >>

FRUGAL innovation in the engineered products and high tech industry


Rising demand for frugal products is changing corporate innovation processes from the ground up …  >>

From Headquarters to ahead-quarters


In globally operating companies, the pressure on corporate headquarters is constantly rising …  >>

Raising Gemba power – Hiyaku No. 6

THINK ACT (Japanese only), 2014

In this study, Indonesia is utilized as the focal example in considering the issue of raising Gemba power in the world’s newly emerging markets. …  >>

The quest for successful cross-border M&A – Shiten No. 102

THINK ACT (Japanese only), 2014

The number of M&A ventures involving Japanese companies continues to grow. This genre is increasingly taking firm root as a generally accepted management method …  >>

THINK ACT by Roland Berger