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Challenging conventional wisdom in steel

Study, 2014

A new approach for an old industry …  >>


Study, 2014

The logistics industry is playing an increasingly important role in international commerce. …  >>

Restrukturierungsstudie 2014 – Ist die Finanzkrise überwunden?

Study (German only), 2014

The majority of German companies expect sales to continue to go up over the next two years and are satisfied with the current liquidity situation …  >>

Erfolgreich in der Energiewende

THINK ACT (German only), 2014

The energy transition is presenting the German energy market with considerable challenges. Against this backdrop, our experts prepared a study analyzing some 500 energy providers …  >>

Lean Telco – Redefining the telecom business


Transition for telecom players is not only about cost-cutting any more. It's about a new mindset and strategically combining growth and efficiency …  >>

THINK ACT by Roland Berger