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How agile insurers can exploit changing customer behavior …  >>

Retail banking – The coming revolution


Traditional banks are currently facing a difficult deflationary context, and they have to juxtapose two networks – a physical network of branches and a digital one …  >>

Innovation in oil and gas


With the shift in focus towards unlocking the vast reserves in unconventional formations, the need for innovation has increased dramatically …  >>

Growth opportunities and strategies in the Central European insurance

Study, 2014

Roland Berger and Efma conducted a study to provide a regional insight on growth potentials seen by the Central European insurers and about the future sales strategies …  >>

Reinventing retail

Study (in German), 2014

On the occasion of the Deutscher Handelskongress 2014 in Berlin on November 19th, we present the findings of our study on the future of the brick-and-mortar retail …  >>

THINK ACT by Roland Berger