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Portfolio management in the chemical industry

THINK ACT – short study, 2014

There is clearly an ongoing portfolio management trend in the chemical industry. "WINNERS" achieve superior shareholder returns by delivering consistent profitable growth …  >>

An industry in cruise control – What's next for US suppliers?

Study, 2014

Automotive suppliers in the US have successfully recovered from the crisis. But what decisions need to be made now in order to maintain this positive stock market development? …  >>

INDUSTRY 4.0 – The new industrial revolution


The next revolution with Industry 4.0 represents a huge opportunity for Europe – and it fits the European model …  >>

Nuclear worldwide: Where we stand 3 years after Fukushima

Study, 2014

The second Roland Berger study on the global nuclear market shows that global nuclear installed capacity could increase 26% by 2030 in a low scenario …  >>

Chinese overseas PMI


Lessons from selected examples shed light on six key success factors in a systematic PMI approach to prepare Chinese enterprises for future M&A …  >>

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