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The state of the European banking industry

Study, 2014

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants has screened the performance of 100 top European banks covering ~90% of the EU 27 banking Industry …  >>

Socialize your business


There are ten things executives should know about digitalization and social media. Read more in our latest THINK ACT …  >>

German Digitalization Consumer Report 2014

Study in cooperation with the University of Muenster, 2014

Within the last few years, the digitalization has progressed more substantially than is generally realized. Already, 37% of all daily communication in Germany happens via digital media …  >>

Shared mobility


Usage is replacing ownership. This change in consumer habits is set to transform future private transportation. Shared mobility will see rising revenues and growing customer numbers …  >>

Trends im Markt für Wohnimmobilien

Study (German only), 2014

An aging German society is leading to a rise in the number of smaller households. For real estate companies, this creates opportunities as well as challenges …  >>

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