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Low interest rates – A threat to the banks


The real danger lying in wait for the commercial banks is the low level of interest rates which, combined with risk limitation requirements, curbs their potential profitability …  >>

Predictive maintenance – Is the timing right for predictive maintenance in the manufacturing sector?


Manufacturers' attitudes towards maintenance are changing. Maintenance is increasingly seen as a strategic business function as opposed to a necessary evil …  >>

Die neue Vereinbarkeit – Warum Deutschland einen Qualitätssprung bei der Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie braucht

THINK ACT (German only), 2014

Our latest THINK ACT publication "The new balance" examines how family friendly the German economy has already become - and analyzes the trends and developments …  >>

Executive Rail Radar 2014

Study, 2014

The Executive Rail Radar gives key insights on the main issues of the rail industry on a yearly basis. This year's survey was focused on innovative mobility services …  >>

Global Automotive Supplier Study 2014

Study in cooperation with Lazard, 2014

The global supplier market is booming and the business of powertrain and tire suppliers is more profitable than most. But in the wake of good development, the pace of growth is expected to slacken …  >>

THINK ACT by Roland Berger