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think: act – How companies are able to overcome the limits of growth

Issue 1, 2004

think:act is our magazine for an exclusive group of decision-makers from business and politics around the world. It is my pleasure to introduce it to you. The title think: act reflects our vision of consulting: firstclass analysis, sophisticated concepts, high quality and the greatest impact for our clients, as embodied in our value proposition, “Creative strategies that work.”

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants applies this philosophy to support the firm’s clients in Europe, Asia, North America and South America from 31 offices in 22 countries. Based on the knowledge and experience of this international network, we will use this magazine to present to you the most important strategic challenges and options for their solution every four months.

Demanding readers have a right to expect that a high degree of usefulness will be accompanied by a sophisticated presentation. We have a first-class team to meet those expectations. Internationally experienced business journalists and management experts have researched the magazine’s topics and present them in articles, background reports and exclusive interviews in think: act.

For this inaugural edition, we have placed the topic of growth front and center. Despite determined restructuring and systematic cost cutting, many companies have still not yet reached their goals for growth. With that in mind, our dossier presents suitable strategies, appropriate measures, and examples of success. It demonstrates how to build a company’s ability to grow, along with its preparedness to grow; that is, how to create both the hard and allegedly soft factors for sustainable success.

China is our second key topic. We would like to draw your attention to the growing interest that Chinese entrepreneurs, scientists, students and tourists are showing in Europe.


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