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think: act – It takes a strategy to build a brand

Issue 3, 2005

Profitable and sustainable growth formed the central concepts of previous editions of think: act. Topics that we have addressed include best practices from the most capable organizations and recipes for success from the world’s oldest companies. We have analyzed the necessary balance between flexibility and firmness in management, and we have examined the current trend toward decentralization.

This issue continues the discussion of crucial business questions, presenting the enormous potential of strategic marketing. Detailed articles provide concrete examples of the practice of strategic marketing—from the successes of CEOs who have made marketing a top priority to instruments that help change the introduction and management of brands from an intuitive practice to a quantifiable business discipline.

The “Best of European Business” is another highlight of this issue. Strong companies need strong domestic markets. With that thought in mind, we worked together with the Financial Times and high-ranking businesspeople, as well as strong partners from the media and academia, to discover Europe’s best companies. In October, the winners will be recognized at seven ceremonies in European capitals. At the end of the year, representatives from these companies and decision-makers from both business and politics will discuss conclusions from the competition at a European summit. We are looking forward to finding encouraging examples, and we will keep you abreast of developments in the competition.


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