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think: act – European business summit

Issue 5, 2005 – Special edition

Best of European Business is a unique initiative conducted by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and The Financial Times for the first time in 2005.

Jointly with some of the most renowned universities and business schools, we established a concept and a new methodology to identify and award Europe’s most competitive companies. During recent months, we analyzed more than 6000 companies accordingly and prepared the jurors—60 of among the most distinguished business leaders in Europe—to judge the shortlisted companies by both the hard facts as well as information on the company’s strategy and management decisions.

We are proud that 1000 top representatives from business and politics joined us to name the national winners and send out a strong message about the needs and strengths of Europe’s business. Strong companies need strong home markets. This is one of the lessons learned from our initiative—and we will use this opportunity to discuss that fact with leaders from business and politics, as well.

“Best of European Business” is not a one-time effort—neither are competitiveness and striving for growth. We will continue with our approach. And we hope that you will also support us with this initiative in the future.


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