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Executive review 2/2007

Thomas Ring and Axel Schmidt

This issue is dedicated to finding the right strategies for designing products and solutions, always with innovation and change in mind...

Following years of cost cutting and restructuring, new growth opportunities are arising for capital goods companies in both their home markets and abroad, particularly in the engineered products sector.

At the same time, product life cycles are becoming shorter, new markets require specific products and global distribution is creating a number of new interfaces.

Taking advantage of these new opportunities is a complex endeavor and companies need to optimize their product and solution strategies. The key is to use product life cycle management systems to drive profitable growth.

Professor Claus Weyrich, long-time member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and head of Corporate Technology, talks about R&D's crucial role in product life cycle management. Denis Senpere looks at the topic as seen by Dassault Systèmes, a leading provider of PLM systems.

We also discuss three other questions dealing with product and solution designs: Should global companies globalize their R&D structures at all costs? How can you offer the right products at the right price? And how can you profitably operate a strong and profitable service business?


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