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The next wave: Emerging market Innovation, threats and opportunities


Roland Berger Strategy Consultants published a study entitled "The early bird catches the worm". It showed the increasing yet somewhat unmet demand for affordable cars and directed the attention of automotive top managers to low-cost cars. The surprise success of the Logan and the debut of the Tata Nano show that low-cost cars will be a key topic for the automotive industry in the upcoming years and not just in emerging markets.

While the study provided useful insights on market trends (the "Why"), it barely skimmed the surface regarding the "How". We therefore decided a year ago to set up an international project team to research the approaches of global Western and Asian OEMs to creating low-cost cars.

Wolfgang Bernhart and Norbert Dressler led the project team of approx. 20 colleagues from our offices in the US, Europe and China, and from our Indian partner EDICA-Interim Management Consultants in Delhi. The team conducted around 80 in-depth interviews with industry experts around the globe and evaluated a vast amount of material to identify the underlying concepts and business model elements.


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