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Pricing Excellence


Market saturation, overcapacity, increased price awareness, stronger competition –these are just some of the major challenges facing companies in most markets and industries today. The Roland Berger pricing excellence approach can help you tackle these challenges head-on. One client of ours – a producer of packaging materials in the highly competitive commodity business – used our pricing excellence approach to improve profits by 39% annually, the equivalent of around EUR 8 million.

Another client – a manufacturer of large-scale electronic equipment – achieved increased profits of 21% or EUR 11 million per annum. And a leading bank managed to increase profits from its retail business by 47%, with a cost-neutral growth in revenues and profits of EUR 258 million per year.Companies can use the additional profit for marketing purposes and for increasing their market share. A typical four-month pricing excellence project covers its costs – and starts delivering – after just four weeks.

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