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Innovating at the Top - think: act Book

Roland Berger, Soumitra Dutta, Tobias Raffel, Geoffrey Samuels

Top CEOs from across the globe reveal their innovative approaches to new challenges and opportunities in their business.

More than ever, today's rapidly changing global markets increase the risks and rewards for innovations. But amidst rising uncertainties and greater competition, can CEOs improve their chances of successful innovation?

This book presents eye-opening interviews with CEOs from major international corporations to provide a fascinating insight into the minds of global leaders. CEOs from Research in Motion, 3M, SAP, Genentech, Infosys, Nokia, Unilever, Toyota and Bosch are included. When CEOs across three continents express many similar opinions about stimulating innovation, it is clear there are fundamental principles and methods that all CEOs should explore in order to maximise innovation and success.

Innovating at the Top recommends 10 Key Innovation Drivers based on CEO insights and advice. These innovation management practices will help every CEO to consider proven ways of sustaining stronger innovative performance.

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