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Powertrain 2020 - China's ambition to become market leader in E-Vehicles


China's automotive industry is bypassing further refinement of the combustion engine and is instead aiming to blaze the trail for electric and hybrid vehicle technology. To reach this goal, the government is counting on massive tax incentives and subsidies.

Our study describes the actions being taken by the Chinese government and outlines scenarios for the future e-mobility markets. By 2020, the global market share for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) will be between 9% and 10%; in countries such as China, it could be as high as over 50%. The markets for batteries, motors and other components will experience similar outstanding growth: by 2020 they will expand to EUR 20 to 50 billion annually, and in the following decades to more than EUR 100 billion. At the same time the competition will become more and more cutthroat.

To succeed, manufacturers must take the necessary steps now. They have to cut costs, secure market share, expand business models and form strategic partnerships.


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