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The road to recovery in CEE


In September 2009, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants conducted for the third time an online survey among 330 senior managers about the economic crisis and its consequences for Central and Eastern Europe. Objective of the survey was to get a snapshot of the managers' mood and to show their expectations for the business years 2009 and 2010. The analysis included the kind of effects companies have experienced and the kind of measures that have been taken or planned so far. The questionnaire also covered the importance and implementation quality of the national measures implemented to reduce the crisis effects. Managers were also asked about the expected recovery time of their industry and their own company.

Key findings of the study by country:

  • Despite increasing price pressure, 20% of Austrian managers believe in a recovery until the end of this year
  • There is still dull ambience in Croatia, the mood barometer stayed pessimistic also this time. 80% of the managers expect even further significant decline in GDP growth. Additionally, there is great dissatisfaction with the governmental actions and also payment behavior of customers is worsening
  • Czech managers are satisfied with the governmental crisis management and expect a recovery in line with the GDP growth. Major problems are still declining sales, worse payment behavior and financing difficulties
  • The strong optimism in Hungary is more likely wishful thinking and is less reflected in macroeconomic forecasts. Managers believe to be able to outperform the GDP growth and expect a recover until June 2010
  • Price pressure is experienced more often and the problem of declining sales is still significant, but the optimistic attitude of the Polish managers was confirmed again. Governmental measures are regardedas mostly well implemented
  • Romanian companies have less difficulties in financing but are facing an increasing number of bankruptcies
  • The growing optimism in CIS can be explained by less pressure on commodity prices and increasingorder entry. However, increasing bankruptcies cause massive problems for companies and there is great dissatisfaction with the governmental crisis management

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