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Retail Banking Trends 2009


In their report on "Retail banking trends 2009" Christophe Angoulvant, Senior Partner at Roland Berger Paris, and his team analyzed the business and financial performance of 59 large retail banks in 24 countries in Europe and North Africa.

Personalized services are key

"Our key questions were: How do banks cope with a distressed environment? How can they emerge from the crisis in a better position, and finally, what are the industry's best practices?" says Christophe Angoulvant. "The main conclusion was that success will come from personalized services."

The authors found that although differences still remain between mature and developing countries, retail banking in emerging markets is catching up fast. They argue that there is an increased rivalry between banks on pricing and rates, and that banks have some difficulty in differentiating their offerings, due mainly to a lack of customer knowledge. The best-performing retail banks are increasingly customizing their offerings, prices and customer service. To finance this customization strategy, banks are pooling production and support function centers, from local to regional, regional to national and national to global.

Second study of its kind

The study is the second in a row published by Roland Berger, the European Financial Management and Marketing Association (EFMA) and Nordea, a financial services group in the Nordic and Baltic region.


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