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Brand excellence


  • The "Brand Excellence" study, conducted by Roland Berger and the leading German marketing magazine "Absatzwirtschaft" in October 2009, analyzed the fundamental principles that govern the success of a brand
  • For this analysis, Roland Berger's brand & marketing experts looked at all winners of Germany's prestigious "Brand Award", granted by the German marketing magazine "Absatzwirtschaft"
  • The brands were analyzed in terms of brand mass [brand awareness, absolute and relative market share in the relevant product category] and brand energy [conversion rate (brand awareness to usage), brand profiles and differentiation relative to competitors]
  • The brand mass and brand energy evaluation matrix shows three types of successful brands: "Focused Community Brands", "Power Brands" and "Democratized Mass Brands"
  • Finally, detailed case analyses yield twelve key factors/ principles that determine the success of these winning brands

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