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Powertrain 2020: Electric Vehicles – Voice of the Customer


Automotive customers in Germany and France are very interested in electric vehicles. 37% of the customers (France: 35%) are considering buying an electric car. Half of them would even be willing to pay up to EUR 4,000 more for this. However, 65% of customers feel that they are not yet well informed enough about the topic. Despite positive feedback, the automotive industry still has to take considerable action and innovate because the willingness of customers to pay more is not yet enough to cover the additional costs.

These are the results of this study conducted by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and market research company TNS Infratest.

Therefore, to lay the groundwork for electro-mobility in Germany, comprehensive mobility packages and services, such as mobility flat-fee, incentives to raise residual values and additional purchase incentives for a limited period of time, are necessary.


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