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Scenario planning

think:act CONTENT


Trend shifts have become the norm. Traditional strategic planning has reached its limits. The new edition of think:act content on "Scenario Planning" finds answers on how to build strategies in increasingly complex environments.

Though we appear to have weathered the worst financial and economic crisis in the post-war era, recent months have taught us a valuable lesson: We can no longer trust forecasts. Nor are there any reliable trends that might give us clearer orientation and relieve us of the responsibility to take our own decisions. What we need, therefore, are new tools and methods to support the task of strategic corporate management. One example is a new approach to using scenarios.

We have therefore developed our own more modern approach to scenario planning and put it through its paces in a series of successful projects for major companies. The model is tailored to the needs of top management. It delivers outcomes that are rooted in solid business sense (and data) and takes account of the individual perspective and experience of each company. It also permits unambiguous statements to be made about which scenarios are probable and whether a particular trend is changing direction.


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