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The Middle East - A region on the move


The German Association for Chemistry and Economics conference on "The Chemical Industry in the Middle East in 2020" was held in Essen on April 15.

In their speech Alexander Keller and Friedrich Portner from our Bahrain office painted a picture of a "region on the move". They introduced the long-term trends and success factors of doing business in the MENA region to the 150 conference participants, mostly from the strategy departments of European chemical companies.

The Roland Berger experts pointed out that even though the region's GDP in 2025 will only be roughly the size of Germany's today, it has promising 5% growth rates. What's more, despite the fact that the MENA region is still dominated by oil and gas, with few countries generating more than a third of their GDP in manufacturing (Iran, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia), there is a clear trend toward balanced or light industries in order to create sustainable and diversified economies.


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