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China will trigger the next management revolution

think: act CONTENT


The recent global economic crisis has called into question the way business is done. Governments and business leaders the world over are asking how they can make their economies and companies more sustainable and more resilient in the face of sudden and unexpected shocks, financial or otherwise. In the past they would have looked to the great business schools in the US for a lead. Now, eyes are turning elsewhere.

One possibility identified by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants is a management approach being developed in China that could prove influential throughout the world. It is still early days, but our experience working in China for over a quarter of a century suggests that this new approach is emerging from China's growing disenchantment with the American management model.

This issue of think: act CONTENT describes the main elements of the new Chinese management model to give you an idea about what is happening in China and at the same time provide you with food for thought about possible new solutions to your own problems.


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