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What changed in 2010?... What's next in 2011?

think: act mini


Our think:act mini takes a look on what changed in 2010 and what´s coming up next in 2011. The magazine includes an essay on strategy by Martin C. Wittig. Other stories focus on the new Chinese management model as well as Green Business, and what strategic implications these developments have on corporate policies and strategies.

In our view, next year will mean redefining entrepreneurial strategies, paying close attention to megatrends and understanding revolutions.

In this think: act mini, Dr. Martin C. Wittig, CEO of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, discusses why a functioning strategy must always be based on a company's specific characteristics, or "DNA". The article on the Chinese management revolution picks up on this idea, explaining a kind of "cultural DNA". China's business elite, as our experience working in China for over a quarter of a century suggests, are reflecting more and more on their own values and strengths. They are then combining them with the traditional management strategies they learned at Western business schools. But even the Chinese success model will reach its limits if it cannot grow sustainably. The restructuring of the global economy, as it moves away from climate-damaging resource exploitation toward sustainable, environmentally friendly production, is the megatrend of our time. Our consultants have analyzed the economic growth potential this development may provide.

We wish you exciting, useful and stimulating reading!

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