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think: act - Rethinking growth

Issue 16, 2011

Growth is one of the main concerns of managers around the world. But, although many economists think we might have overcome the financial crisis by now, the “new normal” does not provide a sound basis for business plans: Will we be facing inflation or will we have to fight deflation? Is the “real economy” on the rebound or will we see the “knowledge economy” rising again, soon? Are we threatened by an era of trade wars or will coordinated crisis management lead to stronger global cooperation?

We have made “Rethinking growth” the main topic of this issue to reflect on how these questions define the solution options for sustainable and profitable development. We present new concepts, reveal a “map of intellectual capital” as a driving force behind growth and provide practical answers by successful entrepreneurs such as Ratan Tata, who lays out his plans for global expansion. We would also like to introduce you to our “Trend Compendium 2030,” which shows the megatrends that will drive the economic development of the coming decades. The “Trend Compendium 2030” is a new version of the edition produced in 2007 with the “Young Global Leaders” of the World Economic Forum.

These outstanding individuals combine extraordinary talent, impressive careers and the will to contribute to the common good. You will find the first of a series of portraits of these distinguished people in this issue.

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