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Automotive inSIGHTS 1/2011


The automotive industry has recovered quickly, so now is a good time to look a little further down the road. Accordingly, this issue of Automotive inSIGHTS centers on the automotive world in 2025.

Our recent study "Automotive Landscape 2025 – Opportunities and challenges ahead" identifies five megatrends that, in the coming years, will likely trigger the most far-reaching upheavals in the history of the industry. Drawing on the findings of the study, we spell out the ten greatest challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

In relation to the same study, Michael Dinter, Partner at AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner GmbH, explains how these ten key implications for the auto industry will impact his work as a traffic and urban development planner.

The current issue also gives you insights into our "Young Mobility Survey 2011: Challenges and opportunities". Unlike the Automotive Landscape 2025 study, which focuses on the future, the Young Mobility Survey 2011 concentrates on the here and now. It investigates the extent to which the expected change in mobility patterns is already discernible today.

Scenario planning, a vital tool with which to forecast potential consequences for existing product portfolios, is likewise featured in this edition of Automotive inSIGHTS.

We wish you inSIGHTFUL reading!

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