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New rules in wealth management


New rules in wealth management require a new form of banking. Providers must align value propositions to client needs and regain trust. Standing out from the competition via a systematic approach.

What value do wealth managers add for me? What sets one apart from the others? Can I trust them on their promises? What services is the provider selling and what do they include? Banks must provide compelling answers to the questions clients are asking. Aligning their value propositions clearly and concisely with what clients really need is essential to successful wealth management under the new conditions.

As Roland Berger's own project experience shows, some wealth managers began honing their value propositions months ago. Even though the process is far from complete in most cases, those players that have moved swiftly have stolen a march on their competitors. The latter have either been caught off-guard by the speed and scope of the transformation in process or, even worse, have not yet woken up to the need to adapt. Roland Berger's discussions with a representative group of senior experts in Europe show that even top managers sometimes have a hard time expressing their own value propositions in simple terms – especially the bits that set their institutions apart from competitors. Thus, it must be all the more difficult for clients to recognize a clear profile.

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