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Global Market Expansion Services Report


Globalization is an irreversible trend. And so it should be – it drives international specialization and accelerates the efficient international division of labor. However, the rules of the game are changing constantly and companies have to regularly redefine their core competencies. Reliable outsourcing partners help companies do exactly that. They allow companies to focus on what they do best as they tap into new and changing markets.

Outsourcing is no longer what it once was. DKSH is a prime example of a new breed of company that focuses on the processes that require intense customer interaction, thereby taking outsourcing to new levels. At DKSH, this specialist support is called "market expansion services". Providers of market expansion services help their partners and manufacturers to grow in existing markets and enter new markets by gaining access to customers, setting up marketing, sales and distribution structures and thereby exploiting their full business potential.

Today, true growth potential is to be found in the emerging economies. The fast-growing middle classes in particular fuel this growth – which is why we made them a focal topic of this study. Companies seeking growth and new outlets, however, need to understand how those markets can be targeted. That expertise is the core competency of a market expansion services specialist. By delivering highly customized, end-to-end integrated services, market expansion services providers can generate new impetus for their clients by reshaping their business operations in a new and unique manner.

Market expansion services is a relatively young industry and its business models are only just emerging. It has therefore not yet received much attention in the specialist literature. DKSH, a leading market expansion services provider, and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants have therefore decided to team up to present the first comprehensive global report on the MES sector. This is the first publication in a series that we trust has the potential to become an industry standard.

Our report is based on extensive research and includes the findings from over 100 interviews with industry executives and thought leaders. The study is designed to help decision makers fully understand what market expansion services are all about, what the market potential for these services is, and how you can benefit from them.

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