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COO Insights on Business Models


Megatrends are shaping the development of our planet. The destruction of the environment, scarcity of resources, urbanization and demographic trends affect the whole planet. In the process, they are rapidly, often abruptly, changing the business models of established industries. Never before have companies experienced such far-reaching upheavals. Nothing lasts for ever.

Nokia, once a maker of rubber boots and then equipment provider to the modern information society, has had its day. Apple is the new now. And tomorrow? Who knows? Is this the hand of destiny? By no means. Change can be planned. Change can be wrought. While some lament the demise of the newspaper, the New York Times is earning top dollar on e-subscriptions. On the list of hot innovations, coffee arouses about as much excitement as matches. Can you even earn money with it? You bet you can! Nespresso drinkers pay the equivalent of EUR 80 per kilogram of coffee beans. Thanks in part to George Clooney, perhaps. But certainly thanks to Nestlé's innovative business model.

Ideas may be free, but they are rarely new. The forces of creative destruction were eloquently elaborated by Joseph Alois Schumpeter, who died in 1950. Yet they have never been more topical than they are today. Innovative business models are everywhere, in every industry.


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