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Asset management in emerging markets


Emerging markets around the world are showing themselves to be more than simply investment opportunities for asset managers. With global inflows on the rise, asset managers are turning to emerging markets to tap distribution and sales options and to source new money. The doors for asset managers are opening not just in BRIC countries and the Next Eleven, but also in regions like the Middle East with their impressive growth rates.

The Middle East is one of several attractive and emerging markets that asset managers can tap for expansion opportunities. As with any market entry, success relies on well-defined go-to-market strategies that address local specifics. The flux of these emerging markets, especially given their lack of proprietary distribution channels for foreign entrants, demands airtight alignment between the targeted segments and the asset manager’s own distribution channels and product offerings.

With properly aligned business models and entry strategies, asset managers can seize the new distribution and sales opportunities arising in these emerging economies. The Middle East is an apt model for asset managers looking at expansion, especially beyond the traditional asset geographies.

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