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The global aerostructures tooling equipment market


Roland Berger conducted a study about the global aerostructures tooling equipment market based on extensive desk research and expert interviews as well as bottom-up market modeling along the value chain.

In 2012, the relevant market is expected to reach an all-time peak of USD 1.4 bn stimulated by A350 and B787 programs. However, in 2020, a market downturn by 75% to USD ~400 m is expected due to the lack of new programs. Consequently, installed capacity exceeds demand and a shift towards the optimization/retrofit of existing equipment will take place. In addition, the demand for simplified products and turnkey solutions at lower costs from emerging markets combined with upcoming local suppliers will drive the trend towards cost efficient standardization and modularization.

Overall, the aerostructures tooling equipment industry is expected to undergo industrialization – reflected by automated processes, flexible production systems or other learnings from already industrialized industries.

Roland Berger expects that only two business models ensure a sustainable business:

  • Turn-key provider – Service-driven business model capitalizing on need for comprehensive turn-key solutions
  • System optimizer – Focusing on in-depth know-how of single systems to optimize existing equipment


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