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HR goes global – Emerging markets change the HR agenda


Globalization is changing the distribution of world jobs to reflect stronger emerging market economic growth and new business opportunities. In 2010, one in three new jobs was already created in either China or India. European companies will also need to develop global HR strategies to compensate for European demographic trends. Western Europe must add 46 million workers to sustain average economic growth over the next twenty years.

How companies recruit, retain and manage people across the entire organization will often determine their success or failure in emerging countries. That's why this chapter will look at some of the most important "people" and organizational issues for European companies to compete successfully in emerging markets.

Part one profiles major current and future HR trends in Western and emerging markets.

Part two suggests why people issues, such as improving diversity & inclusion and cultural IQ, will become critical to successful global competition.

Part three looks at why integrating emerging countries and personnel into global organizations will quicken the rise of virtual headquarters and create more flexible headquarters-subsidiary relationships.

Part four summarizes eight practical steps to help companies strengthen their emerging market performance.


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