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How OEM importers will win the growth battle


As the eurozone hits a mild recession this year, the passenger car market is expected to shrink slightly compared to 2011. Yet despite limited demand in Europe, many OEMs are aiming to increase their sales here over the medium term. Importers in particular need to catch up with domestic players in Europe. By making their business more professional they will be able to grow even in Europe's highly competitive and saturated markets. Growth opportunities for importers do exist, as recent market examples have shown.

To help OEM importers deal with the challenges that they face, we have developed an "Importer Management Radar". Using this radar, foreign players can identify the key issues at stake – items that should be at the top of their agenda. These items include strategic topics, wholesale, network and dealer related issues.

Why is it so important for OEM importers to address these topics in a systematic fashion? Case studies show that, by doing so, importers can boost their sales effectiveness by up to 8-10% per year and make their business truly professional in the process. They can also leverage efficiency within their organizations to support growth activities.

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