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AUTOMOTIVE Insights 01.2012


We are very pleased to present you the first issue of our Automotive Insights in 2012, now in a completely fresh and forward-looking design. Our new layout is light and clear, the optimal way to present the high-quality content we deliver in every issue.

The new layout isn't the only thing here with an eye to the future: the articles concentrate on the vision of the connected vehicle. In addition to our extensive cover story, in which our authors set out the six major drivers for tapping this trend's profit pools, we have an exclusive interview with Ricky Hudi, Head of Electrics/Electronics Development of AUDI AG. He outlines the potential impact of connected cars on the automotive business, AUDI's role in the connected car arena and the key success factors needed to win in this field.

Our look around the world focuses on key trends in the US light vehicle market and the maturity of major CEE countries regarding e-mobility. As you will see, the vision of the connected vehicle plays a central role for both topics.

We also provide you with insights into the Supplier CEO Agenda 2012+, where more diverse and complex issues are appearing on the radar, as well as into how OEM importers will win the growth battle.

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