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The right strategy at the right time for emerging markets


A new GLOBAL TOPICS brochure in the "8 Billion Opportunities" series looks at how a scenario planning tool works in emerging markets.

Emerging markets like the Focus 20 countries promise substantial new business and revenue opportunities. At the same time, they require management to navigate increasingly dynamic and volatile markets that greatly complicate economic forecasting. Accurate planning today is harder than ever.

To help executives make informed and more accurate strategic decisions, the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and Roland Berger jointly developed a versatile strategic planning tool: scenario planning. By investigating and analyzing external and internal company perspectives, scenario planning can considerably improve the forecasting of company-relevant trends and the macro environment.

Thanks to more robust, holistic data collection and improved analytic techniques, businesses can now better prepare how they enter emerging markets and win competitive advantages. In this publication, we consider four plausible scenarios of the global manufacturing industry, with particular attention to how companies in developed countries might enter emerging markets.

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