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Chinese Consumer Report - Luxury


China is close to becoming the second largest luxury market in the world and it is increasingly attracting the attention of major luxury brand producers worldwide. In view of this, Roland Berger conducted a study on the behavior of Chinese consumers when buying luxury goods and their choice of brands. The aim of the study was to offer those companies that wish to engage in this prestigious and lucrative market with valuable insights about their target consumers.

To achieve this goal the study looks at the key factors influencing and determining the purchasing behavior of Chinese consumers: broadly their social characteristics as well as psychological and behavioral traits.

Our experts further segmented the entire consumer population into six archetypes, which we call Era Leaders, Wealthy Second Generation, Ambitious Elites, Savvy Investors, Stylish White Collars and Gift Buyers.

Makers of luxury goods need to have a well-defined and focused strategy, particularly when investing resources.


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