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Green banking - Sustainable banking offers financial institutions high growth potential


The market for green banking has strong growth potential, especially in Germany. At present, three million bank customers are taking advantage of green or social banking products.

This number could increase to six million by 2015, as a growing number of bank customers want to know more about how their money is invested. With average annual growth of about 5%, the investment volume for sustainable financial products is expected to reach EUR 100 billion by 2015. Low-risk savings products could be the main drivers of this growth.

However, traditional banks have quite some catching up to do when it comes to such products. Above all, banks must gain the trust of their customers by ensuring that funds are invested in a transparent manner. Small specialist banks and the food sector have been pioneers in the area of sustainability, as shown in this study. Entitled "Green banking: Significant growth potential for banks", the study is part of the think: act CONTENT series.


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