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think: act – Comeback

Issue 18 - 2012

Our client magazine think: act #18 puts a spotlight on success stories of companies, entrepreneurs and countries that managed to return to the winners' podium after a failure.

"Comeback" takes a close look at real-life stories, analyzes strategies and gives advice on how to successfully achieve a turnaround. For example, Federico Ghizzoni, CEO of UniCredit, describes in an exclusive interview how he got one of Europe's most influential banks back on track, and what still lies ahead. Bestselling author Tim Harford explains why there is no success without failure and why and in what circumstances failure may actually be positive. Also, in an essay on the new method of restructuring, readers can find out how ABB managed to come back even stronger.

It's not just companies or entrepreneurs that manage to return to the winners' podium after a setback: History has shown that entire countries can have comeback potential. Stanford historian Ian Morris analyzes how empires rise and fall, from the Babylonian and Roman empires to today's potential shift of power from the West to the East.

The magazine is available for iPad in our Roland Berger Kiosk app. Search for "Roland Berger" in the App Store. To download the Roland Berger Kiosk app, click the "Free" button. You may have to sign in with your personal iTunes account.

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