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Insight Report: Rebuilding Europe's Competitiveness

Europe’s competitiveness deficit, and its competitiveness divide between Southern and Eastern Europe and their neighbours to the north, is the root cause of stagnating or declining growth, rising unemployment or fiscal instability in the region, a new report, Re-Building Europe’s Competitiveness, published today by the World Economic Forum, finds.

The report identifies three core areas - innovation and entrepreneurship, mobilizing talent and product and service market efficiency - where Europe’s competitiveness deficit is most pronounced. It also concludes that the current fast pace of reform embarked upon by some European nations to boost labour market flexibility, encourage competition in products and services and boost innovation and entrepreneurship, while welcome, requires further action if it is to return Europe to a path of sustained prosperity.

Press conference

Bernd Brunke introducing the report at the Davos press conference

During a press conference broadcast live from Davos, Executive Committee member Bernd Brunke and Beñat Bilbao-Osorio, a WEF Senior Economist, presented the main features of the report. Watch the video  


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