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think:act – Leadership

Issue 19 – 2013

These days, when you’re a manager, uncertainty is almost everywhere you look. Risks grow bigger, technology changes faster, global networks are more complex, and all of these factors have important implications for our view of planning and management. If trends can no longer be relied upon, numbers have limited value as a basis for forecasting and decision making.

How do you manage a company in an uncertain world? What tools, methods, and strategies still work? In our special feature on leadership, we talked to a series of leading personalities – with often surprising results. In an exclusive interview, Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric aka Mr. Shareholder Value, says respect is the most important tool of management. Adidas’s CEO Herbert Hainer explains how to motivate young talents to join his company, and Hapag-Lloyd’s CEO Michael Behrendt talks about the need for managers to show humility.

All of these examples have one thing in common: they show that values and personalities lie at the heart of successful management. Most importantly, it takes courage, decisiveness, and analytical skills to identify and seize new opportunities.

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