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International Restructuring Study 2013 - "Europe's competitiveness"


Europe's economy is in the doldrums. Yet companies are still looking to the future with a positive mindset. 76% of survey respondents expect a return to robust economic growth in 2015. But the prospects for European competitiveness are not quite as bright. Over 70% think Europe will lose its competitive edge, primarily to Asia. European companies will also probably lose out to North and South America in the next few years, according to the findings of the international restructuring study for 2013, entitled "Europe's competitiveness", produced by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.

"To avoid losing out to other economies, European countries should invest more in factors that enhance competitiveness, such as infrastructure, innovation power and the education system. After all, the European internal market is a very important export market for many European companies," says Max Falckenberg, Partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Reducing government deficits is seen throughout Europe as the second most important topic.

"Europe should become closer economically and politically. Otherwise the situation might get even worse for companies from the continent's crisis-ridden southern fringe," Roland Berger restructuring expert Jakob RĂ¼den says. But many companies are skeptical about this: over 60% of those surveyed are doubtful that the current political actions in individual countries can boost confidence in Europe.

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