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The CPO (Chief Procurement Officer) Agenda 2014


Industry trends such as the high cost pressure in the automotive industry, market and production shifting to Asia in engineered products and high tech, changes to the competitive landscape in transportation and resource scarcity in chemicals are presenting Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) with daunting challenges. Ultimately, those in charge of procurement need to be in a position to reconcile quality, timely delivery and the costs of the products and services purchased.

These are some of the findings of an international study entitled "CPO Agenda 2014". The study identified the top trends plus necessary levers for the CPOs of seven major industries: automotive, chemicals, high tech, consumer goods, healthcare, transportation and finance. "The challenges for procurement, as well as the levers CPOs have at their disposal, vary widely by industry," explains Roland Berger Partner Oliver Knapp. "Procurement heads have to react faster and more precisely to efficiently help their companies quickly recognize industry-specific challenges and take the appropriate counteraction."


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