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Learn from the champions - patterns of German engineering


What makes an engineering firm successful, and what can firms learn from the champions in the engineering industry? In a nutshell, that is the question we set out to answer in this book.

We believe that our observations and conclusions have a time-less relevance for the strategic managers of many companies – especially when it comes to discrete manufacturing and assembly. Alongside producers of capital goods, we include in that the automotive industry, the rail and aviation industries and the defense sector, for example.

Our book is neither an abstract guide for managers nor an instruction booklet. We present our insights and findings in a pragmatic fashion in the hope that they will help companies develop well thought-out business initiatives. We argue that the challenges engineering companies have overcome in recent years – some more successfully than others – are of the same basic nature as the challenges facing any industry. As we will see, the vast majority of firms are not true champions according to our deliberately narrow definition. This means that those who lag behind have considerable room for improvement. We will also see, based on an analysis of the group at the very top, where the most important levers for success lie.


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