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Mastering 2020


Looking ahead to the next decade, which companies strike you as being ready for the changes that are approaching? More importantly, how did they achieve it? Preparing for the coming years is particularly complex for firms, as they need to make strategic decisions regarding unprecedented challenges. In particular, these are the trend toward digitization, growing uncertainty regarding regulation, the navigation of emerging markets, rethinking the value chain and the need for more organizational agility.

Briefly put, the most prepared companies succeed in developing a vision both of their business sector and of their firm's place within it. In this publication, we take a look at companies that are better prepared than others for the 2020s. And we also explain what you should know about how they do it: firms need to accelerate evolution and inject revolution. Meta-winners manage to do both at once, heading for the next S-curve of profitable growth while looking for a paradigm shift to change the name of the game.

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