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Study regarding grid infrastructure development


Roland Berger was accepted by the European Commission to carry out a study on the grid infrastructure development and to develop a European strategy for raising public acceptance.

The approach of this project was to cater to the needs of crucial stakeholders of power grid development projects across Europe, e.g. TSOs, NGOs, public authorities and local communities. It was agreed not only to fulfil the tasks of the Terms of Reference and submit the required deliverables in the form of this Revised Final Report but also additionally compile the results as an online "toolkit”: a website that contains communication and stakeholder involvement elements with high potential to raise public acceptance and participation for individual grid infrastructure development projects in Europe.

In this regard, we have complemented the final deliverable of the project with an online database for easy access and use by stakeholders at the level of an individual grid development project – potentially anywhere across Europe. With this innovative approach, we began to develop a framework for such a toolkit both in technical form and structural content, including tables for toolkit elements such as stakeholders, stages, communication contents, channels, formats and practice examples.


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