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THINK ACT – China Special


Some thirty years ago, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants took on its first project in China. Since then, the country has experienced an unprecedented economic upswing, and we have been closely involved as consultants.

The aim behind this China Special is to look back, and to look forward. In 1983, when our founder Roland Berger traveled to China, he was years ahead of the competition. Even some of his staff asked why he was going. He had a ringside view of the country’s rapid changes: as he says in the interview on page 10, “I went every six months or so, sometimes more often, and on each occasion I saw a different reality.”

Hardly any other person embodies China’s ascent better than Zhang Ruimin. The son of a blue-collar worker, he took over a run-down refrigerator factory in 1984, turning it into Haier, a global corporation with 80,000 employees. “Selling is not our overriding goal,” he says on page 4 of this issue of THINK ACT. “We want the most demanding customers abroad to accept our products.” He cannot understand why people are afraid of the country’s economic power: “The Chinese have never felt threatened by growth in other countries. So why should they be afraid of us? Globalization is bringing us all closer together.”

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants’ involvement in China is a success story that has been profitable for both sides. We will continue to use our experience and know-how to help the country successfully manage the next stages in its development.

You find the China Special as THINK ACT eMag with many additional features, video clips, bonus interviews and background information in the Roland Berger Kiosk app - available both on iTunes and google play.

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