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Media 2020 – A universe of digital opportunities


Traditional media are facing multiple revolutions. Traditional time and space constraints progressively disappear; consumers can access online contents round the clock through multiple channels and devices, enhancing a new "media-meshing" experience. For media players, a direct consequence is a strong dilution of consumer's attention, weakening their traditional business relying mostly on advertising. However, those new behavior patterns simultaneously create strong business opportunities.

Customers are now reachable at any time and through all sort of devices, and huge amounts of information regarding their preferences and personal life are becoming available. This is a game changer for the traditional media industry and most incumbent media companies need to reinvent themselves in order to meet the new requirements expressed by their clients.

In this new game, over-the-top players have the upper- hand. Digital-native companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple have progressively collected comprehensive data on their clients and already started to monetize this knowledge. This brutal competition has generated great deal value for GAFA shareholders but also created friction in the media ecosystem.

However, the die is not cast yet for traditional media companies and lessons can be learnt from US OTT giants. First success stories confirm the path to follow to adapt to the new deal : Axel Springer, Hachette, Schibsted, Solocal, and many others…


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