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Entrepreneurial restructuring – Crafting tailor-made business models for sustainable success


To do a good job of restructuring a company these days, you need to look at more than just costs and the headcount. Successful restructuring means quickly coming up with a new business model that is convincing and sustainable. Roland Berger Strategy Consultants approaches the task from a strictly entrepreneurial perspective. On behalf of our clients, we moderate what are often conflicting demands. We also manage the transformation process as though we were handling our own business. Responsible, energetic and rigorous decision-making is at the heart of this "entrepreneurial restructuring" approach.

Our publication "Entrepreneurial restructuring – Crafting tailor-made business models for sustainable success" provides a deeper insight into this Roland Berger concept, our new philosophy, our top-flight capabilities and our big-picture approach to corporate challenges.

Selected real-world examples testify to Roland Berger's impressive track record as a reliable partner for turnaround and restructuring projects.


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