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Commercial excellence: Perfect compound of intuition and facts


Ever more companies in the B2B business consider excellent sales and good marketing to be extremely important in achieving organic growth. Companies whose corporate culture focuses consistently on customers and results and who employ innovative sales approaches can raise their profitability and enhance their competitiveness. Those are the key findings of the study, "Commercial excellence: Perfect compound of intuition and facts". The analysis is based on a global survey of companies in all of the principal markets in the specialty chemicals, food, aviation, IT, telecommunications and mechanical engineering industries.

Our study found that optimized marketing and sales processes harbor additional revenue and profit potential: 40 percent of respondents firmly believe that they will be able to increase their sales revenues by more than 7 percent. A further 30 percent even expect profits to rise by over 5 percent. The sentiment is even more optimistic in some sectors like the chemicals industry.

"European and American firms see optimized marketing and sales as a significant competitive factor in the fiercely contested market," explains Carolin Griese-Michels, Roland Berger expert for sales excellence in the chemicals industry. She goes on to say, "It's only through greater customer centricity, more efficient processes and innovative approaches toward product differentiation that companies can avoid falling prey to the dangerous downward price spiral that comes with commoditization. Once products and services become interchangeable to customers, price is the only thing that counts."


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