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Growth opportunities and strategies in the Central European insurance


In recent years, the business environment in Central Europe (CE) has been challenging for all insurers. Starting in 2013, and especially in 2014 we see regaining confidence and increasing number of debates on growth opportunities. Through this study we would like to make our qualified contribution to these discussions and to provide the insurers with transparency on the expected near future market development. Furthermore, our intention is to inspire them with best in class solutions
to concur the growth opportunities of the upcoming years.

This year Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Efma conducted a study to provide regional insight on growth potentials seen by the insurers and the sales strategies developed to reach them. We summarized the identified key success factors and outline the further improvement potentials. The aim of the study is to identify and prioritize the growth opportunities from different perspectives such as client segments, products and channels. Moreover, we evaluate the potential of new business acquisition vs. portfolio management and present best in class models which ensure effective monetization of the existing client base. In this study we found answers for the following questions:

  • Which market segments provide now or in the near future growth opportunities?
  • How is the segment focus incorporated into the multi-channel strategy?
  • How is portfolio retention and renewal translated into the strategy?
  • How is cross-sell and up-sell supported by processes, organizational setup and infrastructure?
  • What are the best in class setups/methods to reach effective portfolio management in sales?


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