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Autonomous driving

Automatic driving has the potential to fundamentally transform the automotive industry in the coming years – be it through innovative software technologies and vehicle models or new ways of using cars, such as "mobility on demand". The expectation is that cars will be able to drive completely autonomously from 2030 onward, without the driver taking an active role. The market potential for the automotive industry is huge.

In their new study "Autonomous driving", the Roland Berger experts expect sales of components like cameras, sensors and communication systems to add some 30 to 40 billion dollars to the size of the global market. Further revenues worth 10 to 20 billion dollars could then be generated from the sale of advanced software and related services.

"Automatic driving will initially become established in a gradual process, but after 2030 it will bring a real revolution to the auto industry," explain Wolfgang Bernhart and Marc Winterhoff, Senior Partners at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. "So OEMs and suppliers should already be thinking about the role they want to occupy in this market of the future, and design their business model around that."


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