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Automotive Insights 02.2014


Until a few months ago, it seemed as if growth in the BRIC automotive markets was unstoppable. But as 2014 is drawing to an end, the euphoria appears to be well and truly over. Automakers and suppliers in Brazil, Russia and India have seen demand weakening over time, and business has been disappointing. Indeed, China was the only market where the industry showed further positive developments.

With the precursors to slower growth already emerging in the core markets of Europe, the United States and Japan, automakers and suppliers need to know for sure whether they can rely on the BRIC markets in the future.

The current edition of Automotive Insights addresses this question. Our authors explain why we believe that Brazil and India are set to make a comeback. They identify risks the industry has to face in Russia. And they describe the challenges faced by automakers and suppliers in China's increasingly saturated market.


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