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The magazine for Chief Operating Officers – the new COO Insights on Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0, the comprehensive interconnection of processes in production, logistics and services, is a huge issue at practically every large manufacturer in Europe. Humans, machines and resources all communicate with each other. Smart products know their production process and where they will ultimately be deployed.

Our research across Europe shows that digital production has already begun to revolutionize value chains at many companies. Based on talks with management and associations, we compiled this COO Insights issue on Industry 4.0 and its many facets.

In an exclusive interview with Harald Krüger, the BMW Group's Chief Production Officer and future CEO is clearly optimistic about what human-machine interaction will bring to automobile production. Our publication also highlights where the really lucrative 3D printing niches are springing up – and looks at how companies can defend themselves against the downside of connectedness: cyber-attacks from the Internet. Jean Botti, Chief Technology Officer of Airbus Group, explains the part played by ethical hackers in this context. We also take a trip out east to explore the importance of Industry 4.0 for China.

What factors help companies successfully realize Industry 4.0 models is a question to which we have found more than one key answer. More details are provided in the latest edition of COO Insights.


COO Insights is also available as eMag in the THINK ACT app by Roland Berger. Learn more on how to get this app.  


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