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Smart Efficiency


Many companies are wrestling with the question of how ambiguous developments are going to affect their bottom line. Whether business will ultimately be up or down as a result depends on the company's individual business model.

"Smart Efficiency" is an approach we have developed to enable companies to gear up for uncertainty as the new state of affairs and to give themselves more breathing space. They can do this by increasing their elasticity and efficiency concurrently.

We offer a special tool that can analyze both of these dimensions at once. Having thus taken stock of the situation, we then define an action map that prioritizes all of the options at a company's disposal: we recommend quick wins, look at how elasticity can be improved in the medium term, and stake out prophylactic actions that only need to be implemented if and when conditions worsen significantly.

Smart Efficiency Readiness Check

Is your company prepared for ambiguous developments? Does it suffer from a lack of elasticity in the costs? Our survey guides you through four steps to find out your own positioning. Start Survey  


"Smart Efficiency" is also available as eMag in the THINK ACT app by Roland Berger. Learn more on how to get this app.  


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