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Automotive 4.0


The news is full of transformative technology innovations and business models like advanced connectivity systems, innovative shared mobility concepts, and of course, self-driving cars being showcased and introduced around the world. Certainly the automotive industry plays a big role, but tech companies and new entrants are increasingly becoming the driving forces behind these developments.

We've seen this type of fundamental change recently in industries including brick and mortar retailing, cell phone manufacturing and computer manufacturing. Once new players enter the value chain with innovative business models and game-changing technologies, the ensuing shake-up can leave prominent incumbents irrelevant and facing consolidation or bankruptcy. The numerous trends impacting the automotive industry, everything from powertrain electrification to retail concepts without dealerships, require the industry to respond — but it's the confluence of connectivity, shared mobility and automated driving that we believe will truly put the industry as it's known today to test.


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